Elevated Exterior Property Photography $120

Elevated Exterior Apartment and House Photography

Most photos are taken from eye-level. It makes sense, and it looks great if you're taking pictures of people. If you're subject is a house or apartment building, however, eye-level just won't cut it.

Without elevating the camera, a sea of grass or asphalt will take up the frame and distract buyers from your property. The house will appear smaller. The worst is when the photographer tries to fill the frame with the property by "looking up". The vertical lines converge in a way that misrepresents the property and just looks bad.

While elevating the camera is crucial to making good images of larger buildings, even single-story homes benefit tremendously from elevated photography. It makes all the difference in professionally presenting a property.

At Auburn Real Estate Photography, we use a variety of industry-specific tools to lift a DSLR camera more than 20 feet in the air to get the best perspective on property exteriors. Elevated photography is included in our Residential Interior/Exterior Real Estate Photography package, and we also offer it as a standalone service.

We will deliver up to 10 final images within 48 hours of the property shoot.